When You Cannot Pay

Missing a Payment


As soon as you know you can’t make your payments in full or at all, contact the bank, or the creditor whose account you have because if they dont hear from you they will take legal action which will cost you and tarnish your credit record. Be honest and BE QUICK. If you find contacting your creditor intimidating or confusing our Helpline Agents are there to assist you through the process.


Ask for help. You could have lost your job, are sick, or have a family emergency. If you do a debt assessment with us and it clearly shows you are in trouble, work with us as soon as possible to work on a debt rehabilitation or payment plan. It may be that you only need a few months to get back on your feet and all you need is some breathing space. Our  professional help will keep your creditors happy in the meantime if they know you have voluntarily gone for assistance.